Guidelines for CSS Development

This is an opiniated guide line for front-end development. It is based on more than 10 years of experience developing front-end applications and more than 25 years of developing software. My experience is based on developing enterprise applications, so this guide therefor focused on enterprise applications development. Use BEM naming conventions Follow BEM naming conventions. … Read more

Guidelines for better software development

Guidelines for creating quality business software. The guidelines in this article are focused on creating high quality business applications, but they probably apply to any kind of software development. What is good software? The first question to make, when talking about better software development, is “what is good software”? What do we want to achieve? … Read more

How to install Angular material and Angular Flex-box for Angular 6

This guide will lead you step by step to install Angular Material and Angular Flex-box with Angular 6. Angular Material Material Design components for Angular Introduction What is Material Design? Material Design is Googles UI design philosophy. It is inspired by the world of paper and ink with a three-dimensional space.  It gives its interfaces … Read more